March 2006-Channel Z Productions: The Laramie Project

Awarded to: Kacie K. & Jeannette Z.

A play about the consequences of homophobia and intolerance on the individual and society.
Free tickets were provided for families and youth.

Larmie Project“My social action project is a youth production of Moises Kaufman’s, “The Laramie Project”, a docu-drama about the aftermath of the Matthew Shepard murder in the community of Laramie, Wyoming. This play excites me because it is a deep socially relevant story that must be shared with the world in order to make strides toward a more tolerant and accepting society. This project helps community youth by informing and enlightening them to the widespread effect intolerance towards people who are different can have on a community. The play will also make the cast, comprised entirely of teens, more socially aware and informed individuals. If a voice of tolerance is not heard by the next generation, the Matthew Shepard tragedy could happen here…the Laramie Project is not just a play about homophobia, but about the effects of hate. By doing this play, which in a very non-sensational way presents the ugly truths and consequences of homophobia and intolerance and their effect on the individual and society. We hope our play will make audiences think about their actions and interactions in day-to-day life.”

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