April 2019- Positive Decay.
Funds were given to institute a Vermicompost system at Camp Little Notch bettering our Earth while providing environmental action and education about this process to campers, staff and other visitors.

Dec 2018- The Impact of Plastics in the Caribbean and Atlantic Coastal Island Eco-Systems.
Funds were provided for equipment costs to film the impact of plastics in our oceans and for presentations to increase social awareness.  

Sept 2018- The Ben Osborn Book Station.
Funds were provided for the building of a reading area at the Moreau Recreational Park. 

May 2018- Teacher Training for Women in Kabul, Afghanistan.
A 3-month program that will provide training for young women from rural communities around Kabul to become educators, with the goal of having them return to their homes to teach.  The money raised will cover the full attendance and participation ( transportation, lodging, educational materials) for a group of up to 50 women.

April 2018- Drilling for Hope, Northern Ethiopia.
A grant given to buy goats and chickens for milk and eggs for youth and families in a drought-ridden village.

January 2018- Shelter Bags and Walk for Water for Survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
100 Shelter Bags were sent to Puerto Rico for youth and $900 was sent to the Save the Children Hurricane Maria Water Fund.

June 2017-  Hands and Paws- “Comfort Bags”
Hands and Paws, a not for profit agency to help children and animals coming into Foster Care in Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties. The children will receive a comfort bag upon removal from their home.  Hands and Paws realizes that kids need something of their own to hold onto and the $500 award from Youth2 will go to help buy items that are needed and that have not been donated- toiletries, hygiene products, blankets, craft items, books, stuffed animals.

Featured Grant Recipient: Voices For Unity presented by Amnesty International

Join Amnesty International in advocating for a more inclusive community at the Saratoga Springs High School auditorium on Thursday February 16, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. The panel will feature speakers on LGBTQ rights, Refugee rights and Immigrant rights.

Amnesty Poster Voices for unity

March 2017- Faces Uganda- Water, Pigs, School Supplies and Soccer Balls.
The $500 grant given to Faces Uganda went to help “Drilling for Hope” dig the well for clean water in southern Uganda, bring clean water cans to the people, distribute pigs to families for food and for business assistance and to bring school supplies and soccer balls to youth.  The grant recipient went on this humanitarian trip to complete the above work.

January 2017- Amnesty International – Voices for Unity
A panel with speakers about White Supremacy, a Congo Refugee and a Hispanic Immigrant.

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