March 2010-Cheyenne River Youth Project

Awarded to Cara Kowalski

This project involved volunteering with the Cheyenne River Youth Project, a grassroots youth organization that provides programs and services for Lakota people living on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. It involves interacting with and mentoring young children in the Main Youth Center, which offers a positive and nurturing environment for kids on the reservation. Cara has always been interested in social issues, as well as Native American history and culture. I am touched by the poverty that affects so many native people. She has traveled through multiple reservations and witnessed conditions firsthand. Cara became interested in doing volunteer work on a Native American reservation and was excited to play a role in an organization that positively influences Lakota life. Cara was responsible for the implementation of all planned activities, development of recreational programs, arts and crafts, sport activities, and meal/snack preparation, as well as general child mentorship. Cara worked with 140 youth for 6 weeks daily.


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