“I’m already so busy!” You might be thinking. It’s true that with school, homework, and afterschool activities, paid work young people have a lot going on. So why add one more thing? Why should you join Youth2?

  1. You can make a difference! In your community! In the world! You may have always wanted to help other kids in need but not known exactly how to do it. By joining Youth2, you’ll get the support and learn skills that will help you truly make that difference.
  2. Already have a cause? If you are holding a fundraiser or working on a project that benefits youth, the Youth2community can help spread awareness and show up to contribute and cheer you on! Youth2 also gives grants up to $500!
  3. Youth2 gives you community service credit! You can apply your service hours toward your school requirements. You can also use them toward a Congressional Award (http://www.congressionalaward.org).
  4. Youth2 can help you get into college! These days, it’s not enough to do well in school. Colleges want students who are unique, who think out of the box, who contribute to the world outside their school. Youth Squared gives you that extra ‘something’ colleges are looking for. Graduates of Youth2have used their experiences to get into the colleges of their choice, like Harvard, University of Vermont, Sarah Lawrence, and Princeton.
  5. Youth2 is fun! At our monthly meeting you’ll get to meet new friends, hang out with old friends, eat snacks and be around people who are positive, and optimistic about making the world a better place.

“Five Reasons” was written by Jennifer Roy, an award-winning author whose son Adam is a member of the Youth2 Advisory Council.