Roots And Shoots: Waldorf School Of Saratoga Springs

Roots and Shoots is a student initiated service club organized by the famous animal activist Jane Goodall focusing on helping the environment. High school students work on individual projects (three per year) through their schools and other surrounding communities to make a difference. Examples of past Roots and Shoots work: recycling awareness program, holiday gift making with natural and recycled products, Environment Community Action Club, works with Department of Public Works- “Storm Drain Stenciling Project”, “Dump No Waste-Drains to Stream”- guardian of city water supply, tree planting activities, fundraising to support plant conservation work in Southeast Asia. Help given to Afghan children was raised by admissions to dances, bake sales and car washes. A dance raised moneys to help the Waldorf School in South Africa. Roots and Shoots also supported Foundation for Global Harmony Orphanage, plant sales- raising native plants, and “Personal Family Commitment to Energy Conservation” efforts.

122 Regent Street
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866
Contact: Office Manager- Sarah Mercier, Waldorf School-587-0549

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