Reality Check – Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties

Reality Check is a youth activism group that works to create social norm change by eliminating tobacco marketing in communities, state and the nation. Schedule a presenter to come into your classroom to educate your students about the tobacco industry. Your students will learn the following- harmful effects of smoking tobacco, how the tobacco industry markets their products to entice youth, the manipulative tactics of the tobacco industry, how people become life-long smokers, history of tobacco and regulation, how media and celebrities are used to get youth to start smoking, facts about e-cigarettes, information about Reality Check initiatives, how to be philanthropists and get involved. Join other schools in Saratoga Warren and Washington counties and start a Reality Check group. Students will participate in fun events, talk to elected officials, develop public speaking skills, earn community service and more.

Glens Falls Hospital
100 Park Street
Glens Falls, New York 12801
Contact:  Heather Begin, 518-926-5914, ,
Chelsea Morse, 518-926-5928,

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