The Humanitarian Games launched at Youth2 Karma Kickoff event

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Youth2– Youth Helping Youth is hosting a luncheon fundraiser called “Karma Kickoff” on Saturday, September 14, from 11-3 pm at the Harvest and Hearth restaurant on County Rt. 67. Harvest and Hearth’s famous wood fired artisan pizza and salads will be served. Youth2 will give a presentation on its activities in the community. There will be a debut of the theatrical work “Cycles of Kindness,” written, directed and produced by Lezlie Dana. This date will mark the launch of the “Humanitarian Games,” a new mobile-based game designed to foster social-good action. There will be other fun activities, a raffle, “do-goodie” bags and a “Table of Gratitude.”

The “Humanitarian Games” is a new kind of scavenger hunt, one that takes advantage of modern technology to become involved in local giving and built to appeal to families and young people.

After the Karma Kickoff, during the months of September and October, participants will use their mobile devices to travel around the city to do good deeds for friends, family, strangers and area non-profits. Each participant will be tasked with a challenge, for example, donating at least a can of food to the Franklin Community Center. The organization will then provide the participant with a qr code to scan with their mobile device in order to unlock the next challenge. The next challenge might be something like visiting a senior center to bring flowers or a nice card to a resident. The next might be to tell a friend or a family member how much you appreciate them. At the Karma Kickoff you will learn more, including how to play and the various benefits to players and the community.

Stewarts Shops, the Nordlys Foundation and Adirondack Trust Bank have stepped forward as major sponsors for the Humanitarian Games. The above sponsors have shown leadership and willingness to back a “creative product that connects youth in an innovative fashion to serve their community.” They are helping to educate the young about what the non-profits do in our community. They are increasing the level of youth philanthropy and social giving in our next generation in supporting this project developed by Youth2– Youth Helping Youth and Saratoga Wire.

Youth2– Youth Helping Youth is a Field of Interest Fund formed under the guidance of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region. Youth2 engages young people to think about issues that they care about, to create and design their own volunteer, social awareness, or fundraising projects to help youth both locally and globally. Youth2 is committed to giving financial and thoughtful support to help interested youth turn their ideas of making the world better into realities. Youth2 is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Saratoga Wire, a daily online newspaper serving Saratoga Springs, is helping develop the “Humanitarian Games.”

Adult tickets are $20 and youth, 12 and under, are $12. For ticket information, please call Beverly 518-281-9130. All proceeds will benefit Youth2 as the “Karma Kickoff” supports its core community mission to do good.

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