Unique Grant Opportunity – “Challenge to Help Young Women”

Unique Grant Opportunity- “ Challenge to Help Young Women”

Saratoga Spring’s based non-profit organization Youth2 – Youth Helping Youth will host a challenge, beginning in February 2015 for youth to create service projects to help young girls.

Youth2 will be accepting project grants for the “Challenge to Help Young Women” from youth, up to age 22, in Saratoga County with social action, fund raising or volunteer ideas that will assist young women by providing opportunities or resources to help them progress in life.

In April of 2014, Beverly Lazar Davis, Founder of Youth2 – Youth Helping Youth was honored at the Soroptimists International of Saratoga County with the Ruby Award and was given a financial gift to continue her Youth2 work in promoting social action. Quoted by Soroptimist International, “The Ruby Award honors women who, through their professional or personal activities, make extraordinary efforts on behalf of women and girls. Honorees are women who have worked to improve the lives of other women or girls. Their work has had a significant impact, and also inspires and encourages other women.”

Some of the social issues that impact young women according to Clara Urbahn, a Youth2 Advisory Board member are domestic violence against young girls, child marriage, child sex trafficking, body image, media exploitation, abortion rights, eating disorders, lack of health care, educational tracking, need for self- defense, wage differences/equal pay for equal work, teaching others to accept “no”, helping with college funds, raising awareness of “Man-Up”, lack of empowerment, and pregnant teens.

Youth can participate in a grant writing workshop to help them stimulate thought on social action projects and exchange ideas that would help young women, and/or join together with project ideas on Feb 2 and Feb 9th at the Glasby Room, across from the Children’s Library at Saratoga Springs Public Library, from 3-4:45pm.

The “Challenge to Help Young Women” grant deadline will be on March 1st. Grants of up to $500 will be allocated for the best 3 proposals.

Those who can’t make the meetings at the library but have a great idea to assist young women go to their website www.youthsquared.org and download the grant application. For further inquiries please contact, Beverly Lazar Davis,