“Youth Create”- Open Mic Matinee at Caffe Lena


Hunter Choy beckons youth to attend!

Contact Persons: Hunter Choy- 810-2059, Beverly Lazar- 281-9130

Youth2– Youth Helping Youth and Friends of Music are joining hands for an open mic matinee at Caffe Lena on Sunday, May 3rd, from 1-4 pm. The beautiful and historic coffeehouse provides a great venue for youth to perform musical and “spoken word” performances, songs, instrumental tunes, comedy, poetry and improvisation.

The audience will be delighted with the artistic variety and learn about the mission of Youth2– Youth Helping Youth and Friends of Music. Youth2 is an organization that promotes community service among young people, helping them turn their creative dreams to do “good” in the world into reality. Friends of Music’s mission is to prepare 21st century minds through music.

Youth who want to sign up to perform can do so by clicking on this link or you can sign up at the day of the event at 12:30 pm.

Special free grab bags will be handed out to guests. Gourmet food, a 50/50 and “Youth Fun” raffle basket will be offered.

Performers are eligible  to win a 30-day subscription to Lynda.com, an on-line educational learning center for arts and music training classes and more.

The generosity of the Holiday Match Grant of the Stewart’s Shops and Caffe Lena has made this event possible.