April 2005-Youth Theater Ministry: Helping a young person with a rare form of cancer

Awarded to: Meghan S. & Emmanuel United Church

The Youth Theater Group gave proceeds of their production to help Linda Wells receive a rare cancer treatment not covered by her medical insurance.

“This year we have another young person we want to help. This grant would really help to increase the money we raise.

“I am a sophomore and I have been with the youth ministry for the past 8 years, working together to help other youth out.

“This year we have about 25 young people taking part in the Youth Theater Ministry, 5-15 years old.

“This year our goal is to raise money for a 19-year-old local girl. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has had to travel to Nevada for an experimental treatment that was not covered by her family’s medical insurance. We hope that this grant will offset some of the family’s expenses as they still have many upcoming medical bills. We hope that with this grant we can really make a difference and help this family.”

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