May 2004-Youth Theater Ministry: Wireless Microphones

Awarded to: Erin S. &amp Emmanuel United Church

Supporting a Youth Theater Group that holds yearly benefits for community youth with medical problems. This grant provided for the purchase of wireless headset microphones to support the theater productions. Proceeds of the production helped a young boy get a liver transplant.

“I am one of many participants in the music ministry. Each year with the help of 3 co-directors, we perform a children’s musical open to the surrounding communities. We collect a free-will offering at each performance. 100% of all proceeds are given to a charitable cause which all of the children in the performance have agreed upon ahead of time.

“I am always excited about this project because I feel we have the ability to do so much good with it. This year we will benefit a local boy and friend to many who needs a liver transplant. There are many expenses involved in a transplant and a fund has been set up in his name. It is our goal to add to the fund. We are a “kids helping kids” ministry.

“We are desperately in need of wireless headset microphones to make our staging even better. It would make the show more entertaining and increase our collection to help other children. Your grant helped us to get these microphones. Thank you.”

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