A grant is a gift of money. Youth2 gives out grants up to $500.00 and can also match fund raising efforts up to $500.00.

If you would like to apply to Youth2 for a grant, download the Current Grant Application and submit it to the address shown on the form.

Be sure to review our list of past, successful grants in order to inform your application.

Awarded to Deirdre Howard

The Uganda Relief Club is a club at the Saratoga Springs High School that holds fund raisers to donate to the organization, Invisible Children, Inc. which helps to build schools and positive safe havens for children in the war torn area of Northern Uganda. Deirdre has a passion to help third world countries and to be able to make a difference with helping peers take action. This project both helps others get involved in community action and teaches others about the issues children have to face in other countries. The money raised will go directly to build radio towers in the Congo to alert villagers in Uganda and surrounding areas where the rebel army is and where to take cover. We are very creative in planning events, movie nights, dances, concerts and bake sales to make this happen.

Awarded to Paul Russell

A nine-week cycling trip from Providence, Rhode Island to San Francisco with the non-profit Bike and Build to benefit affordable housing organizations in the United States. There are 32 riders ages 18-25 on the trip. Each rider is responsible for fund raising $4,000.00, $3,000.00 going to build affordable housing with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and $1000.00 going for trip costs. You get to see the country by bicycle and get involved in community service work. Riders bike for 6 days and on the 7th day we help build a home for those in need.

Awarded to Cara Kowalski

This project involved volunteering with the Cheyenne River Youth Project, a grassroots youth organization that provides programs and services for Lakota people living on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. It involves interacting with and mentoring young children in the Main Youth Center, which offers a positive and nurturing environment for kids on the reservation. Cara has always been interested in social issues, as well as Native American history and culture. I am touched by the poverty that affects so many native people. She has traveled through multiple reservations and witnessed conditions firsthand. Cara became interested in doing volunteer work on a Native American reservation and was excited to play a role in an organization that positively influences Lakota life. Cara was responsible for the implementation of all planned activities, development of recreational programs, arts and crafts, sport activities, and meal/snack preparation, as well as general child mentorship. Cara worked with 140 youth for 6 weeks daily.


Awarded to Rebecca E.

This grant will help to raise funds and awareness to help an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. “Being able to truly make a difference in people’s lives excites me the most. These children don’t have adequate food, water, clothes or other basic necessities and to be able to change that is incredible! This project will help youth in America to be more active and aware and it will help the youth at the orphanage by providing them with much needed basic necessities. I hope to bring this project not only to the Skidmore College Campus but to other campuses, too. We plan to raise enough money to bring 20 orphans to America to perform acrobatics and speak about their needs in Tanzania. We will have fundraisers: jewelry sales, donation boxes, bake sales, clothing, bags and button sales as well as other fundraising activities.

Awarded to Emma D.

We have done a youth musical for the past 11 years. Admission is always free but we have a good will offering the benefits children in serious need. These children often have a serious illness that could potentially be fatal. The musical is a good way to get youth involved with the church while helping children in need. We know that the community always loves the performances and often knows the children we are trying to help. The money from Youth Squared will help pay for medical expenses for two different children this year. Our efforts are always an encouragement for the children in need as they know many people are trying to help them. The children involved are busy with set building, props, lighting, costumes, publicity, refreshments and many other tasks to make it a successful performance.

Awarded to: Jesse and Emmet G-M.

Buying BooksThis project was Jesse and Emmet”ôs effort to raise money to improve the educational opportunities in Sierra Leone. The funds will support a library, books and supplies for a High School in Conakry Dee. Their on-going commitment is to provide books for children who deserve to have the same learning options as children in their community. The brothers have been raising money for this project over the past many years and plan to continue their support of the project as they enter their college years.

Quilt Group PhotoThis quilt was made by a group of youths to help raise money for a Youth Scholarship Fund for the Ashokan Foundation, an environmental education and conference center nestled in the Catskill Mountains. Since 1967, school groups, organizations, families and individuals have come to Ashokan to reconnect with nature and explore the joys and rewards of community through hands-on outdoor activities, living history, music and dancing. The Ashokan Foundation was formed in 2007 to preserve the land, develop new programs, and to ensure that Ashokan will continue to be a window to the past and a doorway to the future for generations to come.
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Awarded to: Holly F.

Money was raised to provide hygiene products for impoverished people in Amsterdam, New York. Holly will use the money to purchase soap, shampoo, tampons and toilet paper in bulk because Food Stamps does not cover these items. Holly felt strongly that these items should not be considered luxuries. These items will be distributed to families monthly through the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Awarded to: Sabrina H.

The funds from Youth2 were combined with Sabrina”ôs fundraising efforts to buy bed nets to help people prevent getting malaria and to help children and their parents with malaria to get better. Sabrina organized efforts in her school to help this cause and she did a great job promoting this project on the radio and in the newspapers.

Awarded to: Ashley S.

The aim of this project is to provide bikes for low-income young members of the greater Saratoga Community. We seek to promote self-sufficiency for low-income individuals and to promote a non-motorized form of transport better for human health and the environment. The money from Youth2 will go towards restoring the bikes to make them safe for community members to ride. Any additional funds will be used to purchase bike helmets for kids.

Awarded to: Sam, Johanna and Mia G.

This grant was awarded to support the efforts of the youth in building the school and community play area.

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Awarded to: Mayra F. and Samantha M.

Mayra and Samantha conducted drum-making workshops for youth and their mentors and big brothers and sisters, building self-esteem by providing a creative outlet.

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Awarded to: Kacie K. & Jeannette Z.

A play about the consequences of homophobia and intolerance on the individual and society.
Free tickets were provided for families and youth.

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Awarded to: Jose V., John L.

Grant to support a Basketball Tournament that brought the community together to earn funds to assist the Children”ôs Sector of the Saratoga Hospital Emergency Room

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Awarded to: Meghan S. & Emmanuel United Church

The Youth Theater Group gave proceeds of their production to help Linda Wells receive a rare cancer treatment not covered by her medical insurance.

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Awarded to: Meghan S. & Emmanuel United Church

The Youth Theater group gave proceeds of their production to help Brittney who suffered from severe brain trauma.

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Awarded to: Lara B.

The Saratoga Springs Youth Orchestra gave community performances to build a Tuition Assistance Program for promising musicians.

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Awarded to: Sara W-G, Danielle E., Grace G.

These three young third-graders led their elementary school community in a campaign to help children touched by the Tsunami.

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Awarded to: Dan L.

A musical about what makes youth want to run away from home.
Free tickets were provided to parents and youth-at-risk.

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