1. Read the information on “Think About Changes You Want To Make!” Look at your time and be realistic about what you can do to make this project idea be successful. Think about what you like to do and the ways that you like to give. Evaluate who you may want to work with you on this project idea. Meet with other friends and family and brainstorm ides around the issue that you care about. Deepen and broaden your idea to include as many youth as you can. Be creative and think out of the box! Have family, friends and community helpers suggest resources that can help you.
  2. Download the Grant Application on our Website. You may fill it our on-line and send it electronically or fill it out by hand and mail it in.
  3. Go through all of the parts of the application in advance before you begin to fill it out.
  4. Think of a good title for your grant. Choose one that is easily understood.
  5. Write a clear description of your project, the social issue that you are trying to work on, your excitement about this project, what motivates you, how this social action will help other youth in our local or global community, when you hope to begin and end this project, specifically how the money that Youth2 grants to you will be used, where you will go to get other support for your project.
  6. You will need to have an Adult Sponsor for those under 18) who will assist you with your project. This Sponsor can be the contact person of the organization that will be able to receive your grant money in order to do the project. The Sponsor can be a teacher, youth group leader, or community helper who is interested in overseeing your work on this project.   Share your ideas about the group of youth that you want to help (youth with medical needs, environmental issues affecting youth, youth with academic needs, etc.) Find an organization that also shares your interest in working on this social issue. You will need to work with a 501c3 organization that can receive your grant money and give it to you as needed. Make sure that you have the contact person’s information who will be receiving the grant money.
  7. You will need to have the names and information on all of the youth working directly on this project and a “consent for participation”/ “hold-harmless” agreement signed by each of their guardians.