June 2015- Saratoga Children’s Theatre – New Kid Production

The Saratoga Children’s Theatre presented the grant proposal of  ‘The New Kid’ Production to the Advisory Board.  Youth2 was so excited about ‘The New Kid’ production, an anti-bullying program to be offered to schools in Saratoga County that $1000 was happily granted.

April 2015 – The Big Event

The Big Event- where 8,000 Virginia Tech students went out to the surrounding community and completed service projects for community members.  Money from Youth2 was used for rakes, tools, shovels and t-shirts for volunteers.

“Youth Create”- Open Mic Matinee at Caffe Lena

Contact Persons: Hunter Choy- 810-2059, Beverly Lazar- 281-9130 Youth2– Youth Helping Youth and Friends of Music are joining hands for an open mic matinee at Caffe Lena on Sunday, May 3rd, from 1-4 pm. The beautiful and historic coffeehouse provides a great venue for youth to perform musical and “spoken word” performances, songs, instrumental tunes, comedy, poetry and improvisation. The … Read More

March 2015 – Hokies for Hanbury

Hokies for Hanbury – The was a grant where the Alternative Service Breaks Program volunteers of the YMCA at Virginia Tech worked at the Hanbury Home Orphanage in Mandeville, Jamaica.  They improved facilities, built cribs, as well as served as friends and mentors to the children living at the orphanage.  Upon coming back from their trip they put together this great … Read More

Unique Grant Opportunity – “Challenge to Help Young Women”

Unique Grant Opportunity- “ Challenge to Help Young Women” Saratoga Spring’s based non-profit organization Youth2 – Youth Helping Youth will host a challenge, beginning in February 2015 for youth to create service projects to help young girls. Youth2 will be accepting project grants for the “Challenge to Help Young Women” from youth, up to age 22, in Saratoga County with … Read More